OmniFocus for iPhone adds workflow improvements


The Omni Group has released OmniFocus 1.9, the latest update to its professional grade productivity and task management application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Version 1.9 adds a number of features and enhancements related to improving workflow and task management on the go including the ability to adjust view filters using a toolbar button and numerous small user interface improvements. In the new version users can now quickly filter their Project or Context views to include all actions or only next, available or remaining actions directly from any view without having to visit the Settings menu. The update also simplifies entry of start dates, due dates and repeat intervals for tasks. The location-based Map mode is now displayed on the main menu instead of the toolbar and view settings for project and context lists have been expanded to include next action and all action options and list titles and action groups now more accurately reflect the current view settings and overdue counts. A large number of other small UI and performance improvements have also been made; a full list of release notes can be viewed from the Settings screen within the app. OmniFocus 1.9 for the iPhone and iPod touch is available from the App Store for $20. An iPad native version is sold separately.


Jesse Hollington

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