Our new News Views, explained


Over the past several weeks, we’ve made a number of subtle but important changes to parts of the iLounge web site. You may have noticed one of them right here – our new News Views bar. Though it looks like the old bar, it now gives you three different ways to customize news on the iLounge home page to your liking, and saves your choice for later visits.
“Headlines” will give you a list of our most recent 50 news headlines, a view we’ve designed for people who want to quickly catch up on the last week or two of news. “Short” will provide a one-paragraph version of our top 20 or so stories, a feature which we’re currently tweaking. Finally, “Long” will provide the full-text versions of our top 10 or so stories. Right now, “Short” and “Long” don’t look too different, but within the next week or so, they will – “Long” will look the most like the “old” news view. As always, large photographs and reader comments will be visible by clicking on the title or comments notice for each story. “Archives” lets you search our news, which dates back to 2001.

Another important feature of the bar is the “Submit News” button. We appreciate your tips, so please use this button if you’ve heard something newsworthy that should be shared with the rest of the iLounge community. Though we can’t respond to every tip we receive, we thank you in advance for sending them.

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Jeremy Horwitz

Jeremy Horwitz was the Editor-in-Chief at iLounge. He has written over 5,000 articles and reviews for the website and is one of the most respected members of the Apple media. Horwitz has been following Apple since the release of the original iPod in 2001. He was one of the first reviewers to receive a pre-release unit of the device, and his review helped put iLounge on the map as a go-to source for Apple news.