Outline Coach helps prepare compelling speeches and presentations

Brian Barnes has released Outline Coach, a new iPad app designed to help users learn how to create more compelling speeches and presentations. The app is designed in a tutorial format, guiding users through a three-step process to create their best presentation; users begin with a brainstorming process by answering a few key questions presented by the application such as the purpose and style of the presentation to be given and are then taken through the process of organizing their thoughts around a storyline. A draft outline is then presented for users to work with and finalize using the app’s built-in outline editing tools. The resulting presentation outline can be printed via AirPrint, sent out via e-mailed or saved to Dropbox.

Outline Coach is based on years of experience in developing engaging presentations at various levels of business and combines western behavioural science and eastern philosophy, providing key perspectives such as emotional stickiness, motivation & urgency and argument theory and assisting with developments of a value proposition, hooks, case studies and more. In total, 37 key techniques are covered which can be configured to a user’s own needs.  Outline Coach requires an iPad running iOS 4.2 or later and is available from the App Store for $3; a free, limited version, Outline Lite, is also available.

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