Paint FX adds iPad support, more filters and effects

Sprite Labs has released an update to Paint FX, its photo effects editor for iOS, adding native iPad support and several new filters and effects. Paint FX is a photo effects editor for iOS that provides the ability to apply filters and effects to an entire photo or only specific areas of a photo as well as the ability to layer multiple effects on top of each other. The app provides a large number of pre-defined filters and effects that can be further customized by the user including adjustments for brightness, contrast and saturation, and masking tools allow users to apply a given set of effects to only specific portions of an image. Resulting images can be shared on Facebook or sent via e-mail. With the most recent updates, Paint FX is now a universal app, adding native iPad support and higher-resolution photo support for the iPad 2 and significantly extends the number of filters and effects available. Paint FX is available from the App Store for $2.

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