PAN Vision releases Ionocraft Racing

Swedish mobile gaming studio PAN Vision has released a new steampunk-styled time-trial racing game for the iOS platform. The game, Ionocraft Racing challenges players to construct their own Ionocraft speeder and compete in challenges to earn medals and upgrade their racer.

The game provides a unique steampunk graphic design with environments, tracks and racers that are a mix of industrial grime and Victorian class. As players advance in the game by winning races they are given the opportunity to upgrade their racer piece by piece, choosing specific parts and where to place them on the craft, affecting performance and allowing players to personalize their own design.  The game provides thirteen unique tracks, Retina Display support and Game Center integration for achievements and leaderboards.

The game is available in two versions, Ionocraft Racing ($2) for the iPhone and iPod touch and Ionocraft Racing HD ($4) for the iPad.