Panasonic announces home theater systems w/ iPod docks

Panasonic announces home theater systems w/ iPod docks 1

Panasonic has introduced several new iPod-docking home theater systems, including the $300 SC-PT660, $400 SC-PT760, the $500 SC-PT960, and the flagship model, the SC-BT100 home theater in a box (HTiB) system featuring an integrated Blu-ray disc player. All four systems are Made for iPod certified and can play music or video through the home theater system, display audio tracks and menus on the TV screen and operate the iPod with the supplied remote control, and can also recharge the iPod while docked. Other features of the SC-BT100 include a SD Memory Card slot, wireless rear speakers, HDMI output, a Kelton-design subwoofer, and the ability to upgrade to 7.1-channel sound with the purchase of two side speakers and a wireless transceiver. “The Panasonic SC-BT100 home theater system is the best of both worlds,” says Paul Sabo, national marketing manager for Panasonic Home Audio. “It combines the installation ease and user-friendly operation of an HTiB plus the features and performance of high-end audio/video components, including full High Definition 1080p resolution Blu-ray video, wireless rear speakers and 7.1channel or multi-room/multi-source upgradeability.” The Panasonic SC-BT100 is expected to be available in May while the other three models are expected in April; pricing for the BT100 has yet to be announced.

  1. Warning to iPhone owners. The Panasonic HTIB setups does not support the use of an iPhone in their “ipod certified” docks. The iPhone DOES NOT work.

  2. My iPhone works fine with this using Pandora even though it says it’s not compatible when I plug it in. The surround sound doesn’t seem to work but the front speakers sound fine.

  3. I can confirm the iPhone 3G S does not work in this dock adapter, except if playing Pandora. It does charge and state that it is connected (via the DVD player) but the iPhone states it is not compatible with the iPod, even if you turn the iPod on first before plugging it in.

    I got the Pandora idea from a previous poster, and it does work (the surround does function, but I’m listening to a rear speaker and it’s pretty weak).

  4. Regarding iPhone playback – I have a SC-PT673 and as long as you *don’t* turn on airplane mode when you plug in your iPhone, it works perfectly as an iPod. I have an iPhone 3G.

    I was pretty bummed when I first heard that iPhones do not work with these units but this is simply not the case.\

    *Note that this is without playing Pandora – just using the iPod playback from the iPhone. All the menus show up and it plays on the full surround setup.

  5. Can anyone get an ipod touch to work with their music library? Pandora works…but when I connect it and try to play music from the library – all it says is “Accessory Connected”. 🙁

  6. My iPhone 4S will not play in the dock, i purchsed the system on the weekend and pretty disaapointed that Panasonic are selling the product stating it is compatible with iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s and 5. My software is up to date on my phone yet when i place in the dock nothing works, it will only play through the USB connectione

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