Paramount to make ‘Monument Valley’ into a movie

The outstanding and award-winning game Monument Valley will be getting a transformation to the big screen, according to a new exclusive from Deadline. Paramount Pictures and Weed Road Pictures are looking to turn the hit mobile game into a live action/CG hybrid family franchise under the same title Monument Valley.

Paramount to make ‘Monument Valley’ into a movie

Patrick Osborne, who is known for winning the Best Animated Short Film Oscar for “Feast” and is currently working on the film “Nimona” for Fox and Blue Sky, is set to develop and direct the film, which Deadline says “will send contemporary live-action characters into the game’s extraordinary, mind-bending world.”

Monument Valley won Apple’s Game of the Year Award in 2014 in the iPad category, and was in iLounge’s top picks for [Best iOS Game of 2014][3], and was followed by a sequel, Monument Valley 2, which was released alongside iOS 11 last year and featured prominently in Apple’s redesigned App Store. The game also received the Apple Design Award for 2014 along with two BAFTAs for Best British Game and Best Mobile & Handheld Game.

As Osborne told Deadline, “Monument Valley is a one of a kind experience, at once small in its meditative, simple gameplay, as well as enormous in its sense of history […] I’m privileged to be handed the reins to Ida’s mysterious kingdom, to play in her world of impossible architecture where seeing things differently is everything. I am thrilled to bring this unique world to theaters with the talented storytellers of Paramount and Weed Road.” Dan Gray, head of Ustwo Games, added, “It’s been four years since we launched the first Monument Valley and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take our world of beauty and impossibility into cinema.