Parrot intros RKi8400 car stereo for iPod, iPhone

Parrot has introduced its new RKi8400 car stereo system for the iPod and iPhone. Designed for maximum compatibility with digital music sources, the RKi8400 features a USB port for connecting a portable hard drive or flash drive, an SD card reader, and a double line-input socket for analog sources, along with a built-in 30-pin connector for the iPod and iPhone. Other features include a hidden device storage area behind the removable faceplate, an external double microphone for improved voice clarity, Bluetooth for using the iPhone in hands-free mode and for accepting Bluetooth stereo A2DP signals, a 2.4-inch screen for displaying menus, phonebooks, and album art, an AM/FM radio with RDS, a 200 W MOFSET amplifier, and more. Parrot’s RKi8400 car stereo for iPod and iPhone is available now and sells for $400.

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