Parrot previews AR.Drone Flying Ace app


Parrot has posted a preview video and release date for its much-anticipated AR.FlyingAce augmented reality game for the AR.Drone iPhone-controlled Quadicopter. Released late last summer, The AR.Drone initially included a simple free flight app that allowed users to control the device and view input from the two onboard cameras on their iPhone or iPod touch with Parrot promising additional apps later in the year. An open software development kit also allowed enterprising iOS developers to create their own apps for the AR.Drone, and the company later followed up with its first official game, AR.Pursuit. This game allowed users to play augmented-reality virtual tag with other AR.Drone owners as a sort of scaled-down version of the full dogfighting Flying Ace app that Parrot had been promoting since the early previews of the AR.Drone itself. Parrot has now announced that the AR.FlyingAce app will debut on April 15th and has provided a preview video of two AR.Drones duelling in New York’s Central Park using the new game. Additional details on pricing and features have not yet been announced.

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