Path expands to become a Smart Life Journal

Path has released a major update to its social photo sharing app for the iPhone and iPod touch expanding the app and online service beyond mere photo sharing into a Smart Journal for sharing various types of life moments. Initially released in November 2010, Path’s goal was to create a more personal social network for sharing photos online by deliberately limiting the number of friends that a user can have and thereby focusing on sharing personal moments with close friends and family.

The app later expanded into limited video support and social network integration, but remained primarily about sharing and tagging photos.

Path 2.0 brings a completely new interface design and expands the sharing model to become a life journal rather than merely another photo sharing service.

Users can now share more types of information in their “Path” such as music they’re listening to and places they visit and can even record automatic path entries when the app recognizes that the user is spending time in a different neighbourhood or visiting a new city. Additional features include the ability to record sleeping hours to a user’s Path along with moon phases, improved Push Notifications and integrated sharing with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare from directly within the application.