PDASmart debuts battery upgrade for 30GB iPod 5G

PDASmart has introduced its new internal iPod battery upgrade for the 30GB fifth-generation iPod which the company claims extends playing time to 45 hours for audio and 24 hours for video. The upgrade consists of a 2200mah battery, a new rear casing that offers extra room for the battery and makes the thickness of the 30GB model closer to that of the 60/80GB model, and all the tools and parts needed for user installation.

“After hearing customers complain about the performance of their battery, we decided to move forward with the development of the 2200mah 5th Generation 30gb Video iPod to help customers gain the playing time they deserve,” said Trey Mattox, CEO of Optimistic Enterprises. PDASmart also offers a mail-in upgrade program, along with other iPod repair services.

The PDASmart 2200mah battery upgrade for the 30GB fifth-generation iPod is available now for $75, or $85 for mail-in service.