Philips adds four new iPod systems in UK

Philips has debuted four new speaker systems for iPod, all with integrated iPod Docks, in the UK. The DCM230/05 is a boombox-style system that features USB Direct for connecting other media players, a built-in CD player, digital tuner, dynamic bass boost, remote control, and 30W total power. It sells for £200. The DC199 is a small, cube-shaped 2.1-channel system with built-in subwoofer, USB Direct, digital tuner, remote control, and a wake up and sleep timer. It is available for £140. Philips’ AZ1330D is another boombox system, featuring bass reflex speakers, a built-in CD player, digital tuner, remote control, and 2x4W power. It sells for £100. imageFinally, the MCM398D is a bookshelf-style system that features a built-in CD player, 2x100W power, dynamic bass boost, digital tuner, wake up and sleep timer, wood-finished speakers, and a remote control. It sells for £140. [via Engadget]

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