Philips and DLO were showing off two new, previously revealed speaker systems at Macworld Expo this week, along with an updated version of the TransDock Micro. The Philips SBD8100 iPod Speaker with Rotating Dock is a table-top system featuring a unique motorized rotating dock designed for use with the iPhone or iPod touch. The dock’s rotation can be changed via the included remote control; the SBD8100 also offers the ability to run off battery or wall power. It will sell for $150 and is expected to ship in June.

Philips/DLO shows iPod speakers, FM transmitter

The SBD7000 Rotating Speaker Dock for iPhone and iPod is a circular-shaped stereo sound system featuring a design that lets users roll the speaker to change dock orientation from vertical to horizontal. When rotated, speaker output is automatically switched to ensure proper sound. Other features include the ability to run off battery or wall power, a blue and white changing backlight, and a bi-directional flipstand for convenient video viewing. Slated for a March release, it will sell for $120.

Finally, the DLO TransDock micro for iPhone is a new version of the company’s TransDock micro combination auto charger and FM transmitter. Aside from iPhone compatibility, the new unit offers the IntelliTune feature to automatically search for and find open FM frequencies, and four programmable FM presets. Also slated for a March release, it will sell for $70.

Charles Starrett

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