Philips introducing first Hue outdoor lights in July

Philips will release its first outdoor additions to the Hue line in July, the company said today. New luminaries — starting at $30 — can be set to be activated by motion sensor or a timer, but only produce white light. The Philips Hue Lily spotlight ($280 for a pack of three) provides the company’s full 16 million-color range for highlighting features on the house or in the garden, while the Philips Hue Calla ($130 for base unit pack) provides the same color options in a path light, along with dimming features that allow for a gradual change as the night goes on.
Philips introducing first Hue outdoor lights in July

Anything linked with the Hue bridge will be controllable through HomeKit as well, and recent software updates make it possible for the motion sensors to be used to activate other scenes inside the house when people arrive home.

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