Philips intros new iPod-ready audio systems


Philips has introduced several new iPod-ready audio systems, as well as a new standalone dock with a two-way RF remote. The Philips BTM-630 one-piece music system features an MP3-CD player and burner, an integrated iPod Dock and Bluetooth capability, and a USB port and SD/MMC slot. The BTM-628 packs similar features (minus the CD burning) but comes as a three-piece system, and includes a Bluetooth-equipped iPod dock for easy placement and control. It sells for $200. The HA-300 is a clock radio with integrated iPod/GoGear that is priced at $80. The MCM-740D is a one-piece stereo with iPod dock, MP3/WMA-CD player, and USB port; it carries a price of $200. Finally, the SJM3151 stand-alone iPod dock features a two-way ZigBee RF remote with a LCD screen that displays the iPod’s menu. Pricing information for the BTM-630 and SJM3151 was unavailable; the products are expected in stores this fall. [via Engadget]

Philips intros new iPod-ready audio systems
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