Philips releases major update to Hue app

Philips has once again overhauled its Hue iOS app, addle ressing a number of user concerns with the prior version and unveiling several user interface enhancements. This is actually the second time Philips has almost completely redesigned the app; a version 2.0 update in 2016 significantly improved the core functionality, adding rooms, routines, scenes, widgets, and home and away features, as well as improved HomeKit integration. Hue 3.0 focused more on the user experience with significantly improved navigation, including quicker access to scenes, colors, brightness controls, and light visualizations. The color pickers have also been redesigned to be easier to use, and there are 30 new picture scenes that the company notes were handpicked by lighting designers. Hue 3.0 also brings back the ability to create scenes from your own photos — something that the company inexplicably removed in version 2.0, although it remained possible through third-party apps and services such as IFTTT.

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