Pixelgirlshop offers updated iPod lineup including nano cases

Pixelgirlshop has updated their lineup of iPod cases to include two new iPod nano cases, the iPod nano Slip and the Sculptured Leather iPod nano Case. Also added are new iPod cases from Gerbera Designs including a limited edition Retro Computer design, along with new iPod Slips and limited edition PodSchtickers. All cases are available now.
imageiPod nano Slips
Offered in Grey, Green, Pink, and Blue, iPod nano Slips are designed by Lime. the Slips are made of vinyl, offer access to the nano’s hold switch and headphone jack, and come with a color-coordinated iPod pin. iPod nano Slips are available now and sell for $7.00.

imageSculptured Leather iPod nano Case
Designed by Marty Flint, the Sculptured Leather iPod nano Case is made from black leather.

Pixelgirlshop offers updated iPod lineup including nano cases

It features a small opening in the bottom to allow for easy removal of the nano when in the case, and a design that keeps it shape when the nano is removed. The Sculptured Leather iPod nano Case is available for $45.00.

imageFatigue and Atari iPod Peels
These cases, available for iPod mini and 3rd and 4th generation iPod 10, 15, and 20 gig models including 20 gig iPod photos, feature a open-sided sleeve design with belt straps on the back. The Fatigue iPod Peel features a camo print with a grey skull pin and olive green interior. The Atari iPod Peel features a pixelated-style grey design with a yellow interior. Both cases are designed by Lime and sell for $25.00.

imageBlack Mod Lines iPod Case
Designed by Emily Sessions, the Black Mod Lines iPod Case are handmade from wool/acrylic blend felt with a velcro closure. Clear vinyl covers the screen and click wheel, and openings allow access to the hold switch, headphone jack, and dock connector. Available for both 4th generation iPods and iPod Mini, the case sells for $18.00.

imageGerbera Designs Cases
Available for both iPod and iPod mini, Gerbera Designs have eight different cases in their lineup, including the Limited Edition Retro Computer iPod Case. All the cases are made with reinforced fabric, foam padding and a clear plastic casing. They also feature an opening for a mic port, charging opening and velcro closure for the flip-case design.