Plex adds location support for personal photo libraries


Plex adds location support for personal photo libraries

Plex has enhanced its photo library features to include support for geotagged photos, allowing users to see their photos organized by the location where they were taken — provided, of course, they were captured with a GPS-enabled device. With the latest version of Plex Media Server, location data is now read from photos, allowing users to see the locations where photos were taken and automatically grouping them into virtual albums based on location. Related photos and albums can also now be automatically discovered based on location, so users can see what other photos in their library were taken in the same place, regardless of when they were taken.
The Places feature is the latest expansion in a series of recent Plex enhancements to allow the popular media server platform to more effectively act as a library for personal photos and home videos. Plex also recently added automatic image tagging, an optional service offering object and scene recognition capabilities to automatically tag photos based on content within images, along with a new “timeline” view. With advanced support for personal photo and video libraries, Plex aims to provide an alternative to cloud-based services for users who want to keep their photos locally stored for privacy and security purposes while still having the ability to view their photos from just about any device and share their albums and libraries with friends and family. The Places feature is currently supported on iOS, Apple TV, Android, and Android TV devices, as well as in the Plex Web app.

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