Plex announces new Dashboard with user and bandwidth stats, enhanced Now Playing screen

Plex has announced that it’s rolling out a new server dashboard that will allow Plex Media Server owners to better monitor their server and library activity, especially when sharing their library with friends and family members. While third-party tools have been available to do this for a few years now, the integration into the Plex Media Server itself allows for real-time tracking and additional metrics. The new Dashboard will allow Plex Media Server administrators to monitor which users and devices are streaming, what shows they’re watching or tracks they’re listening to, as well as providing status on what’s most popular in your library. In addition to play history, the new Dashboard will show bandwidth consumption for both local and remote users, play history by date, and top content. The Dashboard feature has actually been in development for a few years now, and Plex notes that the server has already been storing the data, so admins will actually be able to use the new feature to see data as far back as three years in the media consumption graph. The “Now Playing” screen has also been enhanced to provide more information at a glance, such as which platforms are being used to stream media, and the video and audio formats being used. The new Dashboard is available with Plex Media Server v1.41.1 or newer and v3.81.1 of the web app, which is currently only available in the hosted version, and coming soon to the server-bundled version.

Plex has also added enhancements to subtitles, with major improvements to its subtitles-on-demand feature, which allows for subtitles for a show to be pulled in dynamically from online sources, along with advanced features like offset adjustment, which has just been rolled out to the Apple TV Plex app and will be coming soon to other platforms, and manually importing and deleting subtitles on the iOS and Android Plex apps. For the next couple of days, Plex is also offering a discounted lifetime Plex Pass for new subscribers, offering 25% off using the offer code HOLIDAY25.

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