Pocket God releases Episode 45: Dance Dance Execution


Bolt Creative has released the latest update to Pocket God, its popular episodic microgame for the iPhone and iPod touch. In Pocket God, players assume the role of an all-powerful deity that rules over a group of primitive islanders, exercising a variety of god-like powers to play with, amuse or torment the natives. First released over three years ago, Pocket God has continued to expand and evolve with new features such as powers and characters added in the form of regular, free episodic updates.

The latest update, episode 45 in the series is dubbed Dance Dance Execution and allows players to take their pygmies into a new Dance Room, deep within the Apocalypse temple, and let them boogie on the dance floor, shake it in the go-go cage or inhale gas from organic party balloons. The update also incorporates a mini-game in the style of Tap Tap Revenge and Dance Dance Revolution where the player taps to the rhythm of a dance loop to make a selected pygmy literally dance for his life. A custom dance pack is also available as a $1 in-app purchase providing additional dance tracks and moves for the pygmies to enjoy, including the Elaine Dance, Kony Guy Naked Dance, Hammer Time, Double Dream Hands, Bad Zombie and the YMCA, along with an exclusive track, “The Pygmy Theme,” written and performed by “Nerdcore” punk superstar Parry Grip of Nerf Herder fame. Pocket God is available from the App Store for $1.

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