PodPac pattern available for $1.35

John Corbin, the creator of the PodPac iPod wrap has announced the PodPac pattern for download for $1.35. The PDF document can be printed and used to cut your own PodPac out of vinyl.
Update: We asked John Corbin for sources to purchase vinyl, and he emailed a response with the following.

Vinyl can be purchased at most local fabric shops. National chains include Hancock Fabrics  and Jo-Ann Fabrics. The online stores only sell vinyl by the roll, but you can locate stores from their websites. Most shops will sell a minimum of 36″X 54” for about $3-4. Vinyl from 8 mils to 16 mils works well. Most colored vinyls only come in 10 mils, but the clear vinyl comes in many thicknesses.

Press release:

Original iPod wrap maker moves ahead

Podpac Patterns available for $1.35


Beginning today, patterns for the Podpac are available from our online store (www.podpac.com) for only $1.35.

Apple has simplified the iPod’s ease of use to the point where a complex pattern is no longer needed. Anyone with a little patience can now make 10-20 Podpacs for what one used to cost when shipped. The patterns are in downloadable PDF format and will print on any printer that uses Letter-size paper

“This is our way of saying thanks to the thousands of people from around the world who have bought Podpacs,”  said John Corbin, president of Podpac.com.

About the Podpac: The Podpac began sales in December, 2001 as the original iPod clear plastic cover. It shipped in clear, pink, blue,  green, and yellow colors and with an attached belt-clip.

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