Poll results: How small is your smallest iPod?

With over 5,000 votes cast, last week’s Lounge Poll has now closed. The question was: “How small is your smallest iPod?”, and the results were very interesting – especially when compared against the previous poll, “How large is your biggest iPod?”

In our prior poll, we saw that nearly 75% of responding readers had an iPod of 20GB or higher, with very few (3%) relying on the iPod shuffle as their biggest iPod. Today’s poll suggests that the iPod shuffle has done substantially better as a backup, second iPod, with 16% of respondants indicating ownership of 512MB or 1GB models, and that the 4GB iPod is also popular for this reason. For more details, click on Read More, below.

Our new Lounge Poll, “How much space is left on your primary iPod?” has now opened. You can find it in the left column under Ask iLounge.
The most interesting finding in today’s poll was a 20% difference between readers with 20GB and larger iPods as their biggest iPods, and those with 20GB and larger iPods as their smallest iPods. Given the large sample size, we could infer from the results that this 20% difference is attributable to people who own more than one iPod, such that approximately 1/5 of all respondants use an iPod mini or shuffle in addition to their full-sized iPod.

Here’s a snapshot of the closed poll. For more poll results, visit the Closed Polls page here.


How did the numbers change from the “Largest” poll to the “Smallest?” Here’s a breakdown.


iPod Model – Largest/Smallest (Change in %)
60GB – 12%/9% (-3%)
40GB – 21%/12% (-9%)
30GB – 12%/9% (-3%)
20GB – 29%/24% (-5%)
15GB – 5%/4% (-1%)
10GB- 3%/3% (0)
6GB – 4%/4% (0)
5GB – 1%/2% (+1%)
4GB – 10%/16% (+6%)
1GB – 1%/8% (+7%)
512MB – 2%/8% (+6%)

Thanks for your votes!

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