Poll Results: Will You Line Up for iPhone? (58/42)

The results of our most recent iLounge Poll are in, and they’re surprising: a shockingly high percentage of iLounge readers said that they were planning to line up for the iPhone’s June 29 release.

With nearly 2,500 votes cast, a total of 42% of iLounge readers said that they’ll stand in line for the iPhone launch, with only a small fraction (1/7 of that crowd) saying they’d go just to see the iPhone, and not buy one. The rest said that they were planning to buy the iPhone so long as AT&T’s contracts weren’t too expensive—a little over half of the “yes” votes said they’d buy iPhones no matter how much the contracts cost. Around a third of the “yes” pool said that contract pricing might stop them from buying an iPhone.

The remaining 58% said “no,” they wouldn’t line up for iPhone—a number that increased as Apple released more information, and early reviews began to appear. Some users said that they were not at all interested in iPhone, or that they were interested, but not at current prices. However, some “no” votes were people who wanted to see or buy iPhone but were unwilling to wait in line to do so.

Our new poll, “Which do you want more, an iPhone or a new iPod?” is now live on iLounge.com’s main page, in the left-hand column under iLounge poll. Please register your vote today!

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