Poll Results: You really want new video iPods

The results of our last iLounge Poll are in, and the message is clear: 94% of responding readers really want new video-ready iPods.

A staggering 80% of the over 3,300 voters said that they wanted a hard disk-based touchscreen video iPod, with over two-thirds of that group hoping that the device would also include wireless wi-fi functionality. An additional 14% said that they were looking forward to smaller, flash-based video iPods: 6% said that they wanted a nano-sized iPod with a 2” video screen, while 8% indicated a preference for a thinner, flash-based version of the fifth-generation iPod similar to the “spy shots” that circulated last week. Only 6% said that they were most interested in cheaper, higher-capacity versions of today’s nano or shuffle models.

These results are especially interesting when considered in combination with our last poll, which was taken during the introduction of the iPhone. At the time, it was obvious that the demand for next-generation video iPods was soundly outstripping demand for iPhones, and that fewer than 1 in 10 responding readers were satisfied enough with current models not to want to upgrade.

We’ve just launched our new Poll, “Which way would you most prefer to play your iTunes media?” Find the poll on the left column of the main iLounge.com page, and submit your response today!

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