Polls: iPod use opened, iPod touch closed

One of our earliest iLounge Polls—back in June 2005—asked readers “What do you use your iPod for?” Today, we’ve launched a modified version of the same poll to see how things have changed since then: “What do you use your iPod(s) for?”

The updated question lets you provide an across the board answer for one or more iPods, and provides options ranging from audio to photos, videos, games, and data storage, highlighting the ways that iPods have grown over the past two years. Cast your vote now in the iLounge Poll, found on the left-most column of the iLounge.com home page!

Our prior poll, “Did Apple drop the ball with iPod touch’s storage?”, is now closed. With over 4,250 votes cast, the majority of responding readers (56%) said “yes,” and that they wouldn’t buy iPod touch because it didn’t have enough storage capacity. An additional 25% agreed that iPod touch had too little storage space, but said that they could live with the constraints for now. Eight percent said “no,” that they were fully satisfied with the 8 or 16GB storage, and an additional 8% said that they already had or planned to buy an iPhone, and didn’t need iPod touch. A tiny 3% said that they were never going to buy a device like iPod touch, and didn’t care about it. Thanks for your responses!

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