Polymer challenges users to strategically create unique shapes

Indie game musician Whitaker Trebella has released his first iOS app,  Polymer, a new strategic shape-creating puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Described as a mixture of the logic of a Rubik’s Cube, the sliding mechanism of Trism and the creativity of Lego, Polymer challenges players to combine creativity and strategy by sliding rows and columns to create unique shapes—known as Polymers—on a constantly changing game board. The game is procedurally generated for unique replay value and multiple shape combinations are possible on every level; players obtain higher scores by forming the most visually appealing Polymers.

Polymers provides three play modes: Two Minutes, which simply challenges the player to obtain the higher score possible within the allotted time, One Polymer mode where players are given unlimited time to make the best polymer possible and an action-based Bombs Mode where players must destroy an increasing set of ticking time bombs before the timer runs out. Players can also unlock new colour schemes for added visual appeal and Polymers provides Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements and integrates with Twitter allowing players to tweet not only their scores but also the images of their best Polymers.

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