Blogging service Posterous has launched a new redesigned version of its web service dubbed Posterous Spaces alongside a major update to its iPhone and iPod touch application. Focused on providing a personal sharing service for photo and video content, Posterous Spaces allows users to create groups, or “Spaces” for various purposes and easily configure sharing and privacy settings for each. To this end, the Posterous iPhone app has been redesigned to focus on posting and sharing content within individual Spaces, discover new public Spaces worth following and keep up to date on activity from friends, family and colleagues. In addition to posting new content, users can create new Spaces from within the app, follow friends and favourites, comment and like posts and automatically link public posts to Facebook, Twitter, FLickr and YouTube. The app also allows users to easily control sharing settings for each post, configure auto-posting to other services and easily create multi-contributor Spaces. Posterous 3.0 is available from the App Store as a free download.


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