Power Support Japan rolls out new iPod touch accessories

Power Support Japan has introduced several new accessories for the iPod touch. The iPod touch Air Jacket Set (Translated link) is a super-thin rear hard shell offered with black rubber coating, two screen protectors (one anti-glare, one crystal), a Dock Connector port cover and a Dock Connector plug cap. The set aims offers coverage for basically everything except the iPod touch’s bezel, especially the chrome rear shell, while preserving the slimness of the touch — the thickness of the shell is 0.7mm.

The set is also available in a clear black version, which sells for the equivalent of $19, while the black rubber version runs the equivalent of $22.

Power Support Japan rolls out new iPod touch accessories

Along with the Air Jacket Set, Power Support has debuted two mounting solutions compatible with the Set. The iPod touch Cup Stand Air is an aluminum cupholder car mount with a pivoting joint to display an iPod touch in the user’s preferred orientation.

It utilizes two pivoting ball joints, works with the iPod touch Air Jacket series, and sells for the equivalent of $58. Finally, the Fix Stand Air is a dashboard mount version of the Cup Stand, with pivoting features, metal construction, and compatibility with the Air Jacket. It sells for the equivalent of $29, and comes with double-sided tape for mounting.