PowerMax: Trade-in your old iPod and get a new iPod


PowerMax Computing has a trade-in program to upgrade from old iPod to new iPod. PowerMax will credit up to $175 toward your new iPod purchase depending on which iPod model you trade-in. They will send the new iPod to you and then allow 10 days for you to ship the old iPod to PowerMax.

  • 5GB credits you $100 toward new iPod purchase at full price
  • 10GB credits you $150 toward new iPod purchase at full price
  • 20GB credits you $175 toward new iPod purchase at full price

    MacCentral’s report:

    “Once they have it and check it over, they credit the appropriate amount to your account. “It has to be in good working order, but iPods whose batteries aren’t ‘up to snuff’ will still be accepted, according to Shawn King, host-producer of Your Mac Life. PowerMax says the whole procedure shouldn’t take longer than 4-6 weeks. Call 1-888-769-7629 for details.”

    Dennis Lloyd

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