Roeland van der Spek has released an update to his flight planning application, PreFlight, adding support for looking up and downloading aviation notices (NOTAMs) from the FAA database. NOTAMs are available for most countries worldwide and downloaded automatically for origin, destination and alternate fields identified in the user’s flight plan as well as any relevant fields or flight information regions (FIRs) en-route. NOTAMs containing coordinates will be shown on the map along the user’s intended route. PreFlight is a multi-leg flight planning application for pilots that provides flight computer calculations, navigation and route planning. The app can automatically look up wind information to provide proper wind correction and cruise altitude data for each leg of a flight. PreFlight is available on the App Store for $17. For users who only want an application to look up NOTAMs without the extra flight planning features, the developer also provides a separate app, NOTAMs for $6 on the App Store.


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