Problems plague official iPhone, iPod touch Software 2.0 release

Apple has officially released iPhone Software 2.0 through iTunes and its $9.99 iPhone 2.0 Software Update for the iPod touch. Due to the installation process for iPhone Software 2.0, which requires the device to be completely erased, the phone must re-activate through iTunes’ servers to be functional following the update. A number of readers are reporting that their iPhones are unable to re-activate following the installation, leaving their phones “bricked” until Apple and AT&T fix the activation problems. On a related note, iPod touch users are reporting that they are unable to download the update from iTunes due to connection problems, which are most likely connected to the larger activation issues. We advise users to hold off on attempting to download and install either update until the issues are worked out. [Image via RedEye]

  1. These comments are funny when you read from #1-50. First, things are bad, and gets worse and worse (grr, Apple sucks!), and then suddenly, everything lights up (Yea! Apple!).

  2. well it said that there was an update available… i clicked update.. it said would like to learn more… the it tried to connect to the itunes store… then NOTHING!! it went back to the ipod screen:( i tried a couple more time and NOTHING!! when I tried again it then said my software was up to date with 1.1.4 AGAIN!!! whats the deal!! Come on APPLE!! get it together. I realize most people arent gonna just drop your product and never come back… but you guys could at leat be prepared for this!!!


    See, this wouldn’t have happened if you managed to upgrade BEFORE the official release! Which I did by mere hours.

    I’m learning that following rules are the bane of our existence.

  4. No, the iPhone software won’t work on the iPod touch – they want you to pay $10 for the privilege. Aside, the 2.0 update still is not working for the iPod touch – this is absolutely terrible. You’d think that since 8AM EST they’d have 9 hours to fix the problem but no, it’s not fixed.

    Anyone else experiencing the same?

  5. still no update 4 the ipod touch here in the UK and its the 12/07/08 01:09am
    apple has had all day 2 get this fixed and still nothing and no word about whats going on, they have had months 2 get this ready??? they no there stock levels for the iphone so there is no excuse??????

    but still, once in does work all the apple fans will be out saying whats the problem its a perfect system…..

    you would never get this problem lasting so long from microsoft or any other company, major PR mess from apple….
    but then apple can do no wrong haha

  6. You gotta hate that shitty program has costed me too much money, in loss of music. That might also be their strategy..hmm.

  7. so the update for the touch is $9.99 in the states,
    which is really under £5 here in the UK, any1 no the price 4 the UK ipod touch download yet? if its £10 or over after this then its a disgusting over price charge from apple like there Jan (6 months ago) charge was

  8. It’s down, baby, down. Is anybody having any luck with the upgrade for iTouch? I’m going batty trying to get things moving. Also, is it true that it will wipe away all of my notes? If so, how do I save them, is there an alternative to re-typing the notes into my iPod after the update?

  9. I’ve been trying to update my iPod touch since around 9 am Central time. No dice, either tells me the iTunes Store is down (a blatant lie, I can navigate it just fine, thankyewverramuch) or it tells me that my 1.1.4 is the current version and pretends blissful ignorance of the facts.

    Apple…for god’s sake, show the iPod touch owners some love. Set up a special server(s) just for the touch owners. I have yet to see anyone post ANYWHERE that they’ve successfully upgraded their touch to 2.0.

  10. A bit of communication from apple wouldn’t have gone amiss.
    What a total cock up this iphone 3g and 2.0 firmware launch has been. Apple know how many touches there are and how many iPhone 1.0’s there are and how many iPhone 3g’s they manufactured.

    Completely lost confidence in Mr. Jobs and his company now.

    Have to Pay for the extra update for my touch which includes FREE the update I paid for in March. Surely those with the existing sofware upgrade should get the update cheaper. Once again early adopters get shafted good and proper.

  11. Ughh, I’ve bought tha apps sinz last nite, and I woke up at exactly 9AM to finally upgrade my iPod touch 1.1.4 software to 2.0. Its been about 9 hours and stil no “servers”. No matter how many times I click tha link to buy tha software it either it tells me that there’s no server connection for iTunes, or it just doesnt do anythin AT ALL! Error, error, blahblah.

    Wth? Gahhddd Apple, gett it straight! Dont make me switch to ZUNE! I’m growin VERY impatient, I need my upgrade, NOW!

  12. How do you get the software update for my ipod touch. There is still no link in the itunes store. If I check for firmware updates it still says 1.1.4 is the latest version. If I click the buy software update link from the apple site ( it just takes me to a blank screen in itunes. This really sucks. How can they make such a mess of it?

  13. ughhhhh i am so angry. i have the ipod touch and i bought apps yesterday and was so happy to see the update this morning. i have been trying to update all day. first it said no server now nothing is happening. i even emailed apple and basically they sad just try it tomorrow. i really hope it works. is any other ipod touch owners getting the update????

  14. Leah, I’m having the same problem with you. I have a 16GB iPod Touch and nothing at all works… I’ve been trying the whole day to get software 2.0, but NO, it doesn’t work! Man I’m mad…

    But on the sidenote,

    I’m going to try to download it at 1:00 AM tonight =D

  15. I really dont think people would be so upset if Apple would just give us some information. I feel totaly in the dark with only people’s speculations about what’s going to happen. If someone from apple could write up some official statement, i certainly wouldn’t be so impatient.

  16. Working at a large IT services company, I know how it feels to have a major internet-facing server go down for a customer at a critical moment. Brief outages happen. However, it does NOT happen for 14 hours. A 14+ hour failure on launch day with tons of negative publicity means the end of the contract and a couple careers.

    Keeping this in perspective, I’m not angry, though I am disappointed and frustrated. It will be quite a while before I think of Apple as a competent company again.

  17. I am very disappointed in the way the upgrade is handled by Apple.
    I am in Europe, so it is now 30 hours after July 11th, still impossible to download anything on iTouch !

    I definitely agree with Jason (comment #73). I cannot see how Apple did not anticipate this situation…

  18. omg I am like so frickin mad! I have a mac book and iPod touch. I having the exact same problem as leah! Nothing is working and its getting really frustrating. And it would be nice to have a little information about the problems. It seems like its not working for anyone. Apple needs to fix this now!!!

  19. Come on people. Calm down. Yea, it does suck that the iTunes store isn’t working yet, but complaining about it and threatening to go to a Zune because of a hiccup? COME ON! Where’s the loyalty? If everyone here felt the same way about the hike in the gas prices, none of us would be driving! You be riding a bike to work or wherever. Yeah, I agree, Apple didn’t see this huge flood coming, but that doesn’t make them incompetent! Give it time.

  20. “If everyone here felt the same way about the hike in the gas prices, none of us would be driving! You be riding a bike to work or wherever. ”

    ha! thats a laugh, us lazy environmentally ignorant americans, psh riiight… but seriously the main issue people are upset about is the lack of ANY info or explanation from apple. once things smooth out well all be happy ipod junkies again… i hope.

  21. 12:25 EST and still no signs from apple when this problem will be fixed. Aproaching 24 hours after launch and still nothing.
    Steve Jobs better have a damn good explanation for this whole mess.

    -Frustrated and Disapointed iPod Touch owner

  22. Yes! I just decided to give it one more shot before shutting down for the night, and it’s FINALLY dl’ing. Good grief.

  23. 23:40CT The download completed, the ipod updater worked it’s magic, iTunes is now attempting to replace the music and videos, etc that I had on the Touch. Now I just have to wait for that lengthy process to complete. So far so good.

  24. FINALLY!!!

    Been trying to update my Touch all day with the same problems as everyone else. About 11:30PM CDT I was able to FINALLY get through to the “BUY NOW” page for the update. It’s updating as we speak. Will keep you posted.


  25. I started right when I posted above–21:40–and it’s now restoring my content. Looks like that might take a bit (32G about 80% filled up). Been an hour so far. I’m thinking it’ll be all done by 2300.

  26. Yess, mine finally downloaded. Its now restored to its original factory settings. My iPod is currently off and iTunes told me to just leave tha usb cable on tha whole time. Its been off and I’m curioused about whether or not I should press tha “on” button. Am I supposed to leave it this way (Off) and wait for it to turn back “On” itself, or do sumthin elz?


  27. I have spent 4 hours tryin to give my ipod touch the new software. When i finally have paid for it and downloaded it it has to restore my ipod then i t gives me the error message that my ipod cannot be restored due to an unknown error. I am going to give apple support hell about this in the morning.

  28. Yayyyy! Just finished downloading tha 2.0 software, it backed up my iPod, restored, and now everything is back to what it was (except 4 tha fact that I have applications on it now)! Yayyy! I can finally rest 🙂

  29. I just downloaded 2.0 and when it tried to install on my itouch it lost everything. I get the message on my PC that my computer does not recognize the usb device and then itunes gives me an error #1603. It then tries to restore again with same results. Is anyone else getting this? Any solutions? suggestions?

  30. My iPod touch also died after trying to install the 2.0 update and won’t restore. Tried changing to a different usb port but no luck.

  31. iPod Touch 2.0 software bug: The TV out function does not work with this update. When you play a video with the A/V cables connected, the “Display on TV?” prompt does not come up, therefore, no TV out. Dunno if iPhones are affected.

  32. Update to my TV out problem: Power down and reset settings fixes the problem. Still no TV prompt, but it displays on the TV now.

  33. I managed to get the update too finally …. but am having problems with the Email. It checks for mail ok the first time, but then on a second check for mail it just gets stuck, and I need to shut it down and restart the ipod touch.

    It has crashed a few times while playing with some new Applications when playing music at the same time too.

    For me it is worth the upgrade for some excellent time management Applications and the new scientific calculator.

  34. does anyone know if the ipod touch update can be used on the ipod touch? I have that but am not sure if it will work. any help would be great!!

  35. It been 2 days and i still can’t download 2.0 for my ipod touch???? Should i just keep on waiting or should i go to the apple store and see i can get my ipod touch 2.0 there???? What happen apple… love for Canadian!!!!

  36. There’s a link (from Apple I believe) that gives Touch users the 2.0 update for free. Yes! Even Apple calls it an update. I would’ve bought it had it not been that it was impossible too.

  37. Stun – what is the link that you refering to??

    Stun wrote:
    “There’s a link (from Apple I believe) that gives Touch users the 2.0 update for free. Yes! Even Apple calls it an update. I would’ve bought it had it not been that it was impossible too. “

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