Progical challenges Apple licensing with “Homemade for iPhone” accessory program

Progical Solutions has announced its new “Homemade for iPhone” accessory program, which aims to offer developers an alternative to Apple’s official Made For iPod and Works With iPhone programs. The program consists of a toolkit that taps into Apple’s External Accessory framework to provide a serial data connection between accessories and the iPhone or iPod touch via the 3.5mm headphone jack. Using the jack, serial data can be transmitted or received at speeds up to 19.2k baud, according to Progical. The company promises to offer technical information, hardware connectors and components, testing tools, technical support, and more through the program, which it claims can be licensed for a “nominal fee.” Progical has also posted a YouTube video showing the toolkit integrating with a OneTouch Glucose meter as a proof of concept, and says that it has successfully integrated hardware from LifeScan, Sony, and Apollo Electronics with the toolkit.

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