Prototype iPod touches with cameras surface on eBay

A pair of prototype third-generation iPod touches recently appeared on online auction house eBay, before being removed shortly thereafter. A YouTube video quotes the original item description as stating, “Well..These were R & D units..One wont turn off and has some weird OS…or lack of firmware So it will be dead when you get it,,,but will power up when you plug it in…The other won’t turn on has a brown spot on the screen.

Both have cameras.” The two units were marked “DVT-1” and “DVT-2” in the area usually reserved for the storage capacity, but otherwise featured full markings on the rear, unlike the prior prototype unit with camera that surfaced in August 2009. As Mac Rumors notes, these appear to be prototypes of the current-generation iPod touch, which was widely rumored to receive a camera that never made it into final retail units, instead of representing any upcoming or unannounced model.