Update: Every 2009 iPod reviewed, photographed and more including the iPod touch 3G.

A group of pictures showing what is believed to be a prototype third-generation iPod touch used for screen impact testing confirm that the device will sport a rear-mounted camera, as had been previously rumored. The pictures, which were sent to iLounge by the Maxim Radio show Covino and Rich, show the presence of a “2009” marking on one of the device’s circuit boards, as well as a camera sensor module in the appropriate place for the rear-facing camera, shown in a separate shot. The photos also confirm that the new touch will keep the same size and aspect screen, and will keep the headphone port, volume buttons, sleep/wake button, and plastic antenna cover in the same positions as found on the second-generation device; interestingly, the camera is depicted with an iPhone-like metal ring around its lens, and a pinhole off to its right side.