As Chinese authorities in two towns have started seizing iPads from local retailers, China-based Proview is now seeking an import ban on the device. Citing various Chinese-language news reports as well as Proview attorney Ma Dongxiao, the New York Times reports that the confiscated iPads are under “temporary impoundment” from retailers in Xuzhou and Shijiazhuang. According to the report, Proview has asked authorities in more than 20 cities to investigate whether iPads were being sold following a December court ruling that dismissed Apple’s claim to the iPad name in China. In addition, Proview has made a filing with the General Administration of Customs in China seeking to block the export of iPads from the country should Proview’s trademark claims be upheld. Such a move could be devastating to Apple, as the vast majority—if not all—of its iPads are built in China; however, the report suggests that the confiscations and filing are “warnings” of the consequences Apple could face should it decide not to settle the trademark dispute.

Charles Starrett

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