PureGear unveils PureCam Connected Car Security System 4G LTE Dual Lens Dash Cam

PureGear has announced the PureCam Connected Car Security System 4G LTE Dual Lens Dash Cam, a new in-car dashboard camera that leverages 4G/LTE technology to enable cloud recording and live streaming of activity in and around your car, providing complete video security for everything from accidents to attempted theft. A built-in GPS helps you quickly find your vehicle, whether it’s locating it in a crowded parking lot of after a theft, and two cameras record what’s happening both inside and outside the vehicle, with the ability to remotely view a live stream using the PureCam app on your iPhone or other mobile device. A built-in prominent LED light also adds security, flashing blue when in parking mode to help deter would-be thieves, while a built-in “G-Sensor” detects incidents such as accidents, break-ins, or hit-and-run incidents, sending notices to your iPhone and uploading emergency video to the cloud as a backup for the video which is also stored on the included 16GB microSD memory card. PureGear notes that PureCam is designed for a wide variety of applications, ranging from providing peace of mind for elderly drivers and parents of teen drivers, to use by carpooling parents┬áto capture video of unruly children, and PureCam also incorporates a mobile hotspot to allow Wi-Fi devices to get online via the device’s 4G/LTE connection. The front-facing camera can record videos at 1080p, 720p, and VGA, while the interior-facing camera records in 720p and includes IR for night mode recording; the included 16GB microSD card can store up to 160 minutes of video at 1080p. PureCam is available now from PureGear’s website and Amazon for $250 and includes a 16 GB microSD memory card, OBD-II cable, adjustable mount, and other necessary installation manuals and hardware.