Purported iPod touch 5G panel points to larger screen

A new part claimed to be the front panel of a fifth-generation iPod touch has surfaced online, suggesting that the device will sport a substantially larger screen. MacRumors reports that the part, which appears to be for a white iPod touch, sports a 4.1-inch opening for the display. As Apple would be unlikely to increase the size of the iPod touch’s screen without doing the same for the iPhone—the two devices have traditionally shared the same screen size—the part, if genuine, represents the first physical evidence to support the release of an iPhone with a larger screen. While the report points out that the 4.1-inch opening is slightly out of line with prior reports of 4- or 3.95-inch screens for the next iPhone, it seems likely that some portion of the interior will be taken up by black space between the edges of the opening and the screen itself—as is the case with current iPhone and iPod touch models—and is therefore sized appropriately for a 4-inch screen. Also mentioned in the report are purported home button, front camera, and rear camera parts for the next iPhone; these parts are said to be in the “verification” stage.

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