Quickoffice for iPad adds AirPrint support


Quickoffice has added AirPrint and PDF export support to Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad. QuickOffice Connect allows iPad users to transfer, edit and share Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents directly on their device, and includes support for popular online file storage services such as DropBox, MobileMe iDisk and SugarSync. Users can also transfer files to and from the app over a local Wi-Fi network, via iTunes File Sharing or from other applications on the iPad. Version 2.1 now allows users to export files in PDF format or print directly from within the app using AirPrint on iOS 4.2 or later. The update also introduces the ability to share files on the Slideshare, Scribd and Dosctoc services. QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad is currently available from the App Store for $15.

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