Quickoffice for iPhone adds PowerPoint support

Quickoffice has released a major update to its Microsoft Office document editing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Formerly known as Quickoffice Mobile Suite and Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite, as of version 4.0 the apps have been renamed to simply Quickoffice and Quickoffice Pro, respectively. Version 4.0 provides iPhone and iPod touch users with several new features previously introduced in the iPad version including PowerPoint support and SmartTouch editing. Quickoffice 4.0 users can now create, edit, view and save PowerPoint presentations including extensive rich-text editing, viewing of presentations on external monitors and the ability to edit and manipulate graphics within slideshows. Additional PowerPoint features include support for rearranging slides, filmstrip navigation for quickly jumping to a specific slide and a built-in virtual laser pointer for giving presentations.

Version 4.0 also adds SmartTouch technology designed specifically for the iPhone touchscreen interface improving the ease of editing documents, presentations and spreadsheets and quickly formatting content. Quickoffice Pro 4.0 also adds the ability to connect to Huddle and SugarSync online services in addition to the numerous online services such as Google Docs, Dropbox and Box.net available in the prior version. Both apps are currently selling at discounted prices: Quickoffice 4.0 is $5 for new users and is a free update for users of Quickoffice Mobile Suite; Quickoffice Pro 4.0 is $10 for new users and a free update for users of Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite. The iPad version, Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad, is available separately for $15.

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