Re Universal Remote Control adds iPad support


NewKinetix has released a major update to its Re Universal Remote Control app for iOS, adding native iPad support. With a full-screen layout designed to take advantage of the larger iPad screen, the new version allows users to places remote and favourites selections, activity remotes and device remotes all on a single view, reducing the need to switch between multiple views to control more complex home entertainment systems. The application works in conjunction with the Re IR accessory which connects to the device’s Dock Connector and contains a pre-programmed database of devices and brands that provide a simplified setup for home audio and video equipment. The latest update also adds the ability to customize the wallpaper on the app from their own photo library, providing custom backgrounds behind the remote control elements. Re Universal Remote Control 3.0 is
available from the App Store as a free download. The Re hardware accessory is required to use the app and sells for $80 from the company’s web site.


Jesse Hollington

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