ReaddleDocs 3.1 adds new UI, improved file support

Readdle has updated ReaddleDocs for the iPhone and iPod touch with a completely redesigned user interface and numerous additional new features and enhancements. ReaddleDocs 3.1 adds a virtual folder to provide access to recently opened files along with a separate iCloud tab and Mail and Network tabs now combined into a single integrated view. The update also makes several file viewing improvements, including better speed and stability in the PDF and TXT viewers and in-document search for Microsoft Office, TXT and RTF files. Underline and strikeout annotations are also now available for PDF files and new bookmarks are saved inside PDF outlines. The integrated MP3 player now also provides new features including playlist and background audio support. Numerous improvements have also been made to the built-in browser and file services protocols including support for syncing with FTP/SFTP servers and using private key authentication with SFTP servers. The latest version also adds support for iOS Data Protection providing on-device encryption for sensitive files when the iOS device is protected with a passcode lock. ReaddleDocs 3.1 requires iOS 4.3 or later and is available from the App Store for $5.

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