Real Racing 2 adds new events, multiplayer improvements


Firemint has released an update to Real Racing 2 adding additional Career mode events to the iPhone and iPod touch version and multiplayer improvements to both versions. iPhone and iPod touch users can now take advantage of seven new Career events including the H2NRG Cup, Nissan GT-R H2H and IEJ Volkswagen Scirocco R Time Trial, among others. Several significant multiplayer changes have also been made to both the iPhone and iPad versions that should improve the gameplay experience, including preventative measures to counteract wall-riding, fairer track selection and a new track voting system and fixes related to high latency connections.

This latest update introduces in-app purchasing for trading real money for in-game currency in order to buy new cars and upgrades. Players can also disable previously purchased upgrades to adjust a car’s performance and P-Rating, allowing users to more easily compete in different race categories and can now trade-in their only car for another model provided they can afford the upgrade price. Additional graphics enhancements have also been added, including anti-aliasing support for third-generation devices and visual improvements to body roll and wheel simulation. A number of other fixes and improvements have been made to optimize performance and enhance game precision. Real Racing 2 is available from the App Store in two versions: Real Racing 2 ($7) for the iPhone and iPod touch and Real Racing 2 HD ($10) for the iPad.

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