RemoteRemote for 3G iPod Now Shipping

picEngineered Audio is now shipping the RemoteRemote wireless remote for 3G iPods.  I received mine today.  It comes with a receiver that fits snugly into the headphone jack, and a small, light, nice-looking key-fob remote control.  Supposedly it should be able to let you control your iPod around corners and through walls. It looks cool, and well made, but I have had no luck with it at all…
First you have to pry open the remote and install the battery… by the way there is a little warning in the instructions that says, “if you put the battery in wrong it may cause damage to the key fob.”, which was a little intimidating.  Then after you put it back together, you have to program it to work with the receiver.  Well after about 45 minutes of “pushing the rewind and fast forward buttons simultaneously for five seconds, and the pressing the play button” with no success what-so-ever, and then prying it open again to see if I had the battery in right, I finally gave up on the sucker.  Talk about frustrating!  I’m going to contact them tomorrow to see if they can help me out.  Is there anyone else out there who bought one of these that have actually gotten it to work?  If so, tell us about it.

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