Report: Ahrendts plans Apple Retail tweaks on China, mobile payments, experience

New Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts “has outlined a three-part vision” for the future of Apple retail, 9to5Mac reports. The three parts include a greater emphasis on Apple’s presence in China, improving mobile payments in retail stores, and redesigning the Apple Store visitor experience from end to end. Ahrendts reportedly believes “the tastes of Chinese consumers are critical” around the world, and the company must be receptive to the Chinese people.

The report notes that Apple currently has ten stores in China, and hopes to have 30 stores in the country by 2016.

Ahrendts wants to improve mobile payments in Apple’s retail stores and within its mobile apps, and hopes to “blur the lines” between Apple’s physical and online stores. It’s previously been reported that the company is pursuing its own mobile payments service, likely centered around the Touch ID sensors in iPhones.

As for Apple’s retail locations, Ahrendts has apparently visited a number of stores already, leaving sources impressed with her interactions. It’s been said that she would like to change the experience a customer has in the store from start to finish — from finding a product to making the purchase, everything could be revamped.