Report: Apple acquires Camel Audio

Apple has acquired music software developer Camel Audio, according to a new report from MacRumors. Citing information found on a corporate registry site, the report notes that the U.K.-based company’s address has been updated to match that of Apple’s London office, and the sole director of the company is listed as a member of Apple’s legal team.

Camel Audio was best known for Alchemy, its modular music editing suite that incorporated a range of plug-ins, synthesizers, effects, and sound libraries, along with powerful resynthesis engines and other features. The developer shut down most of its operations early last month, although at the time no reason was given for the sudden change; this latest information suggests Camel Audio quietly wound down its operations after being acquired by Apple.

While it’s unclear what Apple’s specific plans may be for Camel Audio, it seems reasonable that the company’s technologies and talents will be directed toward work on Apple products such as Logic Pro X or GarageBand.