Report: Apple beefing up high-speed network for streaming music, TV services


Apple is building its own high-speed network and upgrading how it builds data centers to compete with Amazon, Microsoft and Google in cloud services, Bloomberg reports. Apple relies on traditional network providers to support services like iCloud, iTunes and Siri functionality, but sources familiar with the company’s plans said Apple will need faster, more efficient infrastructure to handle millions of users for the music streaming service expected to be announced today at WWDC and the upcoming TV streaming service expected later this year. The new push includes billions of dollars of new investment in custom-designed data centers and fiber lines that can send data at hundreds of gigabits per second. The company aims to link its existing data centers in California, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon to Internet hubs in yet-undisclosed cities, getting content closer to densely populated markets before it’s delivered to consumers by broadband connections and cell towers. Apple, as usual, declined comment.

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