Report: Apple to introduce new colors for 2018 iPhone lineup

Apple is expected to be launching at least some of its 2018 iPhone models in additional colors, according to a new research note from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo obtained by MacRumors. According to Kuo, the second-generation iPhone X will only add the new gold option that was rumored earlier this year, however the lower-end 6.1-inch LCD model is expected to be available in “five possible casing colors,” adding blue, red, and orange to the usual grey and white, suggesting that Apple may be trying to give it a design appeal similar to the [2013 iPhone 5c], while still maintaining a more refined “premium” look for the higher-end OLED models. Kuo’s research note also adds that the 6.1-inch LCD model is expected to have a selling price below $700 USD, and that all models will include dual-SIM dual-standby (DSDS) technology. MacRumors also notes a subsequent tweet by OnLeaks’ Steve Hemmerstoffer adding that Apple is prototyping yellow and pink finishes as well.

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