Report: Apple to make room for larger battery in future 4.7” OLED iPhone

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims a new 4.7” OLED iPhone will feature a more expensive stacked logic board to accommodate a larger battery. Kuo said the phone would be able to pack the battery life of a 5.5” iPhone into a device roughly the same size as the current 4.7” model. With a number of seemingly conflicting reports emerging now with regards to how many iPhone models Apple will release this year, it’s unclear if there would be only one 4.7” iPhone and 5.5” iPhone, a 4.7” OLED iPhone in addition to two LCD base models, or two versions of both form factors — a 4.7” LCD iPhone, a 5.5” LCD iPhone, a 4.7” OLED iPhone, and a 5.5” OLED iPhone, all with differentiating features and names. And that doesn’t even factor in the rumored 5.8” high-end iPhone. Some of these possibilities seem highly unlikely to us, but this is just where the rumor mill appears to be at right now. Whichever direction Apple chooses to go, Kuo said the increased battery size combine with new OLED screen technology will greatly improve the battery life of the next iPhone. [via MacRumors]

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