Report: Apple to open up FairPlay DRM to accessory makers claims that Apple will open up its FairPlay copy-protection technology to licensed iPod accessory makers. Apple is “expected to make two announcements this week—the first will be to allow streaming of protected AAC content via USB; the second will be to licence its Fairplay DRM to the company’s Made For iPod licensees,” the article says. “This will have the effect of enabling you to play songs bought from the iTunes Store through third party devices like hi-fis using digital connections. It may also mean that devices like iPod docks will be able to display more information—artwork and other track info, for example—which is stored alongside the protected audio.”

  1. Could this lead to iTS video streaming to devices other than the AppleTV? I’ve got an Elgato EyeHome that I’d love to use for my iTS videos.

  2. seems kind of risky. it seems like this is going to make it easier for someone to get their hands on it and reverse engineer it to figure out a way to crack the DRM.

    not me of course 🙂

  3. people are continually reverse engineering Apple’s DRM as well as all the others. The difference is, they’re not selling products that take advantage of that (which would surely get them slapped with a restraining order ASAP). Apple isn’t really opening itself up to anything problems here, although it is surprising to see them take this step just as they are releasing their solution that does the same (AppleTV). That being said, it’s not a big deal either way if you don’t buy music from iTS.

  4. This may also be so that Apple don’t get abused for the limited Compatability of the AppleTV with older TVs.
    Now they can say “if you have an older TV set, buy a {insert third party product} instead”.

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