Report: Apple to price movies at $9.99, $14.99

As briefly mentioned in yesterday’s BusinessWeek article on Wal-Mart’s Hollywood campaign against iTunes movie downloads, Apple is reportedly planning to price movies at $14.99 for new releases and $9.99 for older movies. BusinessWeek claims that Apple will announce the addition of full-length movies to the iTunes Music Store in mid-September, along with “wider-screen iPods.” Interestingly, Apple is said to be planning a special press event on September 12th.

  1. I will never buy a single movie from ituens at those prices. EVER. I’d rather pay retail and own the dvd, or be branded a thief and *steal* it.

    That’s outrageous pricing for digital, DRM-laden, highly-compressed video.

  2. Too expensive. It’s as simple as that. I will never purchase a movie on iTunes.

    This is very unfortunate. I can’t wait to “hear” the dead silence when the prices are announced at the special media event.

  3. I’d consider it. Most new releases are around $20-25. You probably won’t get the equivalent to DVD extras. If they are HD resolution, that would be worth it. I wouldn’t pay to watch high quality on a 3-4″ screen, but lousy quality on a 32-60″ HDTV screen.

  4. DVDs release at $19.99, and then often drop to $14.99 within 3-6 months. After a year, they will be $9.99, and that means you can pick them up at Best Buy for “3 for $20” or “2 for $15”.
    Good luck with that, Apple.

  5. “That’s outrageous pricing for digital, DRM-laden, highly-compressed video.”

    But what if your assumptions are false? Nobody ever said that iTunes movies would be in the same format as the current TV shows and music videos…

    I’ll personally wait until I have the official details to forge an opinion.

    If the deal is good, I only hope the movies will be available in Canada…

  6. It’s not that expensive, folks!

    The main point is to be able to download a movie(s) to your iPod for portable viewing – not for home watching. As stated in this thread, HD would take waaaaaay too long at current speeds. The purpose of these movies is strictly for portable viewing, and will find success with people that take 1-2 hrs commuting by bus/train to work, campers, road trippers etc.

    To have someone else rip a dvd in a format that is perfect/glitch-free for my iPod screen is well worth it. Time is money folks. It’s not worth my time/money to go through the hassle of setting up/ripping my own movies.

  7. Honestly, although I doubt I will personally buy too many movies at this price, I still think it will work for Apple. In particular, I think the appeal here is going to be for people who do want to download and/or watch movies and don’t really know how or want to learn how to rip a DVD and convert it for watching in digital form on their iPod. I imagine for a lot of potential video iPod owners, the convenience factor will be appealing.

    Is it for everyone? No, clearly not, but I think this works because it is not trivial for the average computer user to rip a DVD to their computer, convert it, etc. It isn’t like buying a CD in a store and being able to really easily rip it to your computer.

    At that point though, the convenience factor comes into play too; I can say that I’ve bought plenty of albums on iTunes for full price even though the same CD could be bought on sale at the record store or through There is an appeal to that sort of “instant satisfaction” I think.

    For something that you would have for an unlimited time, $9.99 and $14.99 seem like somewhat reasonable price points (it seems like some of the movie download services out right now will charge $3.99 or even a bit more to have a movie and only be able to watch it for a day or two.). From the talks of pricing of other competing movie download services, I also don’t think Apple’s pricing is going to be that far off from what other people are talking about (i.e. wal-mart apparently wants to use the same price point).

    So yeah, again, probably not something I’d use a lot, and probably not something many people posting here would want, but I can definitely see it still being quite successful overall.

  8. Where in the world does everyone live? Everyone is saying new DVD releases come out at $20-$25. Here in Vegas, when the new DVDs come out on Tuesday, they are all $15. They then go up to the $20 mark after the week ends.

    That being said, do I pay $15 on iTunes for a highly-compressed new release that I can only play and will look good on my small iPod screen…


    Pay $15 for the actual DVD with all the extras, playable in my TV at home, my truck, and if I wanted to, rip it to my PC and transfer it to my iPod?


  9. I”ll prob buy some movies off of there. But I have this program called Podmaxx, Which transfers DVD’s to your computer in ipod format.

  10. I keep hoping that ITMS will have some kind of rental program. I don’t need to own movies, but I’d rent them for sure– same with audiobooks.

  11. They won’t be HD. Normal res would be pushing it already.
    For movie downloads to take off, broadband needs to get faster. In the UK it’s a complete joke. I understand it’s not as bad in other countries. However, I’m sure I could walk down to my local blockbusters and rent a video in a fraction of the time it’d take to download. Mail-order is supposed to be quicker too.
    Also, constantly downloading films would give a level of use similar to file-sharing levels, the kind of use most ISPs will cut you off for. Regardless of your download cap. Read the fair use policy; do any heavy downloading at peak times, they cut you off.
    Until major ISPs change their stance on ‘fair use’, and speeds get higher, I don’t see apple coming into this area.

  12. “Too expensive. It’s as simple as that. I will never purchase a movie on iTunes.”

    We heard the same thing about .99 songs and $1.99 TV shows, but they sell tons of ’em.

  13. Or maybe DVD’s will start coming with an iPod Compressed version on it, or when the Blueray or HDDVD become popular and they have teh extra room for things like that.

    I think that route would be best therefor there will be no need to use Apples downloading service of Movies.

  14. don’t really care about the movies….does anybody else smell a new real cool awesome swizz beats ipod?!?! My 3rd gen just got a brushed steel look, and i am wanting an update…

  15. What no one seems to be addressing here is storage space. It’s one thing to have 7,000 songs take up 20 Gig of your hard drive, but video takes up significantly more room. Last I checked a terrabyte of storage is about $800 – figure that into the cost of downloading videos to watch on a 2.5 inch screen.

  16. a terabyte is not that much. what you need to do is buy 2 500 gig or 4 250 gig externals, a little more tricky but it is 300 to 500 depending on the quality. for example i got a cheap 250 gb external for 80 bucks, but you get what u pay for. its crap but it works

  17. Well, we won’t know anything until it happens. Two things could happen, everybody here is correct and Apple will sell the movies at the quality assumed and the movies will simply be added to iTMS. Or, Apple will do what makes Apple Apple, they’ll introduce an innovative technology that will make this feasible (or rather use existing tech in an innovative way) and will do the same thing for the purchasing experience. The former maybe the way Apple goes just to get in the market, for them not to would be a huge blunder as M$ has turned it’s scopes on iPod+iTunes. Apple has established a media user base (and a huge lead), now they need to keep it. Ultimately I believe Apple will continue to do it better than M$, and Apple has learned from it’s past “arrogance”, with the Macintosh, in that they remain sensitive to market forces and overall user experience. Apple intends to keep the lead, and from what has come out from M$ thus far, I think they’ll hold it. One thing I find very interesting is that M$ is said to be already producing the Zune player and intend to “stuff” the marketing channels, yet Apple will be introducing it’s new player in mid-Sept. (speculating). We’ve seen the Zune (so we’ve been led to believe) and as is it’s pretty weak looking, nobody knows what to expect from Apple, but more than likely Apple as designed a product that will surpass previous releases. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole media player shootout play out, though I expect there to be some major turmoil in Redmond at the end of this.

  18. Well, at least the price point is lower than what those bozos at Sony initially did with their idiotic UMD format for the PSP.

  19. At those prices and with likely restrictions, I’ll just continue to download the movies without DRM. In any event, unless the ‘new video iPod’ handles DivX/XviD, I’ll pass on it.


  20. I think that Apple should come out with some type of innovative technology that allowed iPod users to rip/transfer DVD movies to their iPods as easily as you can with CDs, so that you can take movies with you where ever you go. And then if you wanted to watch them on a bigger screen, you simply plug in an A/V cord from iPod to TV and watch a movie, with the picture quality being the same as a regular DVD. Of course, there’s many security issues regarding this, but it would be nice.

  21. I don’t do a lot of shopping through the ITMS (maybe two or three songs a month) and I doubt the release of movies is going to increase that for several reasons. The price, the lack of compatibility/drm, probable lack of the “Special features” included with most dvds to some extent, and the fact that an ipod screen, even if they release an ostensibly “widescreen” ipod video, is still too small to watch a movie on. now if i could load a movie onto it and play it back on whatever television or computer monitor I wanted without losing any image quality, that would be something, but overall this announcement is really underwhelming

  22. You’d think Apple would have learned from Sony’s huge UMD blunder, that nobody wants to pay as much for a low resolution movie they can only watch on a restricted number of devices as they would for the DVD, where the DVD has higher resolution, high quality surround sound, bonus material, near ubiquity and can be converted into formats that the iPod and PSP can play anyway.

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